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INKURA is being produced by First Light Studios, a New York-based production company dedicated to "engaging, inspiring, and elevating humanity through world-class content and programming." For INKURA, First Light assembled a team whose love for rhinos is exceeded only by their deep desire and technical skill to create a spectacular film about rhino conservation.  

Josh Bernstein, CEO | Executive Producer

BJ Golnick, Director | Director of Photography

Warren Smart, Director of Photography

Hossam AboulMagd, Director of Photography

Matthew Parent, 2nd Camera Operator

Ayubu Kasasa Mago, Field Producer

Dwaine De Faria, Field Editor

Alex Durham, ACE, Editor

Ross Helton, Assistant Editor 

Mike Pagenkopf, Assistant Editor

Allen Feuer, Line Producer

Alex Jouve, Line Producer

Zoe Couacaud, Coordinating Producer

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