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'INKURA' means 'rhino' in Kinyarwanda, the official language of Rwanda. One of the subjects of the film, Manzi Kayihura, makes the following point: "The fact we have a word for it [in Kinyarwanda] means we've always had rhinoceros, and they're welcome to come back home."


It's true that the five rhinos featured in INKURA were born in European zoos. They have never been to Africa, and yet, they are very much African animals. We therefore selected 'INKURA' as the name of this film because ultimately this is a story about rhinos returning home and we want to honor the native language of that home.


The genetic heritage of all eastern black rhinos can be traced back just a few generations to somewhere in Africa. With the hopeful success of this translocation effort, any offspring from the rhinos in this group will be 100% Rwandan and 100% inkura.


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